The 2016 British Birdgang Awards Winners

The 2016 NFL Season might have been terrible for the Arizona Cardinals, given all the expectations and how it eventually panned out, but there were some players worthy of being honoured (and, for those that deserve it, ridiculed) and so we’re back for the 5th time.

There were some hard-fought categories this year and some which, unsurprisingly, was so one-sided that we had to consider stopping the voting because it was so unfair on the other nominees.

We fell just short of 100 sets of votes, disappointing but thank you to everyone who spent a few moments to participate and have their say on the season.

With the mushy stuff out the way, let’s get on with announcing the winners of each award.

Goat of the Season


  • Kameron Canaday, Long Snapper
  • Drew Butler, Punter
  • Chandler Catanzaro, Kicker
  • Tyrann Mathieu, Defensive Back
  • Michael Floyd, pro-Pass dropper
  • Amos Jones

The ‘Goat of the Season’ Award – won in the past by such phenomenal talents as DJ Humphries (last year, considering he didn’t play, it was a fair award. Now, maybe not so much) – honours those who are generally terrible and make you wonder each and every week how they are an NFL player and you’re the one sat on the couch at home. If there was any justice, obviously places should be switched.

All nominees earned their spot here – Tyrann for the fact he blocked us on Twitter, in case you’re wondering (no, I won’t get over it) – but only one can win…

In 3rd place, with 17.9% of the vote…Amos Jones

In 2nd place, win 23.2% of the vote…Drew Butler.

The winner, with 29.5% of the vote – former 1st round pick, Michael Floyd.

Sadly Michael is unable to be here to receive the award, if he was, he’d probably only drop it…

Disappointment of the Year


  • Going 7-8-1 when Superbowl predicted
  • Drew Butler’s continued employment
  • Robert Nkemdiche – Inactive
  • Lack of production from 2016 Draft class
  • Amos Jones and his Special Teams

In a season of disappointment, it was tough to narrow down to just 5 nominees (though, if I wanted, I could have added more…because I make the rules, obviously) – still, everyone got votes but nobody was as unanimous a winner of this award as last season.

In 3rd place, with 13.7% of the vote…Drew Butler’s continued employment

In 2nd place, with 23.2% of the vote…Amos Jones and his Special Teams

The winner of Disappointment of the Year, with 52.6% of the vote…Going 7-8-1 when Superbowl predicted.

Not a surprise winner here, the whole season was pretty much disappointing so I was expecting this one. Thought it might have been a lot more though.

Match of the Year


  • Week 2 vs. Tampa Bay
  • Week 6 vs. Seattle
  • Week 16 vs. Seattle
  • Week 17 vs. Los Angeles

If any award was indicative of our season, I present you the Match of the Year where there were so few good points – some of these are only in just to add options for the voters. There were some classics last year, this year not so much. So who wins?

In 2nd place, with 9.5% of the vote…Week 6 vs. Seattle.

The winner of Match of the Year, with 80% of the vote…Week 16 vs Seattle.

Beating Seattle in Seattle? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Makes you wonder how all these other teams can’t win there if we do it with such regularity…

Best British-born Defensive Lineman of the Year


  • Josh Mauro
  • St Albans’ Josh Mauro

We have a brand new award for 2016 – something NFLUK would be proud of, given the patriotic nature of this award…you know, if they actually cared about someone other than Jay Ajayi (he’s from London, don’t you know) or those other two guys they go on about all the time. A 2-horse race, but who prevailed?

In 2nd place, with 27.4% of the vote…Josh Mauro

The winner of Best British-born Defensive Lineman of the Year, with 72.6% of votes…St Albans’ Josh Mauro!

A well-deserved honour for Britain’s own Josh Mauro. Some would suggest this oddly specific award was manufactured just to honour him, but I would shut down those rumors immediately. If there’s a better British-born defensive lineman of the Year on the Cardinals roster, I’m yet to find him. Well deserved.

Play of the Year


  • JJ Nelson torching Richard Sherman
  • Calais Campbell Fumble Recovery for a Touchdown
  • David Johnson 58-yard TD Run
  • Marcus Cooper Pick Six
  • Justin Bethel Pick Six

This was a very hotly-contested vote and there was just ONE vote in it when voting was closed – surprisingly not for the one which I picked…that ended up 3rd? Like? How? Mad people.

In 3rd place, with 26.3% of the vote…David Johnson’s 58-yard TD run

In 2nd place, with 33.7% of the vote…JJ Nelson torching Richard Sherman

The Winner of Play of the Year, with 34.7% of the vote, was Calais Campbell’s Fumble Recovery for a Touchdown!

I mean, it was a good play and all but Baevid? As if he didn’t win that for that run vs. the Jets. Mean people.

Veteran Player of the Year


  • Drew Stanton
  • Calais Campbell
  • Frostee Rucker
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Carson Palmer
  • Evan Mathis

A wide-open field containing guys with > 10 years of NFL experience. Guess that’s veteran enough for this award? Larry Fitzgerald won it last year, could he make it two years on the bounce after such a brilliant season for the wily vet? 

In 2nd place, with 23.2% of the vote…Calais Campbell

The winner of Veteran Player of the Year, with 74.7% of the vote…Larry Fitzgerald

The GOAT wins it once again! I don’t think it’s a surprise, not so much as the fact that Carson Palmer only had 1 vote. ONE? No, it wasn’t me, but I thought he’d get some love. Obviously not. If Fitz is back for 2017, could he make it a hat-trick?

Defensive Rookie of the Year


  • Trevon Hartfield
  • Harlen Miller
  • Robert Nkemdiche
  • Brandon Williams
  • Scooby Wright

You know it’s been a bad season for the rookies when someone like Scooby Wright gets put on the ballot despite only signing with the team for the final 2 games of the year…and he even got votes. Madness.

In 2nd place, with 21.1% of the vote…Brandon Williams

The Defensive Rookie of the Year, with 60% of the vote…Harlen Mille

You know how it was scraping the barrel by selecting someone like Scooby making the nominations? Well, what does it say when the DROTY is a guy who has barely played at all – up until the last couple of games. Who am I to judge? Not like there was any competition and Nkemdiche hardly set the world on fire.

Offensive Rookie of the Year


  • Hakeem Valles
  • Evan Boehm
  • Cole Toner

You know what, other people will have probably just scrapped these awards due to lack of credible options to win it, but not me. I’ve put these in and you all had to vote for one of them. I regret nothing.

The winner of Offensive Rookie of the Year, with 74.7% of the vote…Evan Boehm.

Yeah, that’s how it is.

Breakout Player of the Year

  • Markus Golden
  • Kevin Minter
  • St Albans’ Josh Mauro
  • JJ Nelson
  • Tony Jefferson
  • DJ Humphries

From those last two awards to one where there’s actually competition and worthy winners – thought this might be a close one but it really wasn’t.

In 2nd place, with 17.9% of the vote…JJ Nelson

The winner of Breakout Player of the Year, with 58.9% of the vote…Markus Golden

I guess getting a shit-load of sacks will do this for you and there are zero complaints from me, a very good season from Mr. Golden. I won’t stoop as low as to say it was a ‘golden season’ for him…but, oh, wait, I just did.

Best Off-Season Addition


  • Chandler Jones
  • Marcus Cooper
  • Evan Mathis
  • Tyvon Branch
  • John Ulrick

Yeah, this was one-sided. Very one-sided.

The winner of Best Off-Season Addition…with 94.7% of the vote…Chandler Jones

A 2nd round pick and a bust Jonathan Cooper, some raised eyebrows with that deal but obviously it’s one which has worked out well for the Cardinals as they now have a duo of double-digit sack artists on their defence. Jones will be signed to an extension or franchise-tagged, so it turns out it might be a good deal after all.

Special Teams Player of the Year


  • Chandler Catanzaro
  • Drew Butler
  • Matt Wile
  • Kameron Canaday

A torrid year for Special Teams, but it was all the players’ fault and not that of the coach. Obviously. Alas, we have an award to give out.

In 2nd place, with 36.8% of the vote…Matt Wile

The winner, with 56.8% of the vote…Chandler Catanzaro

The enigma of Chandler Catanzaro – a guy who can hit from 50+ but also miss from 19 yards out. But, given it was a down season for the unit as a whole, I guess he wins via default because nobody else kicked as many field goals for the team this year.

Offensive Player of the Year


  • Carson Palmer
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Mike Iupati
  • David Johnson

After winning it last year, Carson Palmer is back amongst the nominees – but, unlike last year, he only got the 1 vote this year. This one is one-sided, no surprise really…

In 2nd place, with 3.2% of the vote…Larry Fitzgerald

The winner of Offensive Player of the Year, with 95.8% of the vote…David Johnson.

Who else? I mean, really? In a year where he was the clear #1 RB in the whole entire league (Le’Veon who? Ezekiel who?) and a shoe-in for the league MVP award…if they weren’t so freaking obsessed with quarterbacks…it’s no surprise to see DJ win this one and win it in convincing style. Baevid forever.

Defensive Player of the Year


  • Calais Campbell
  • Markus Golden
  • Chandler Jones
  • Deone Bucannon
  • Kevin Minter
  • Patrick Peterson
  • Tony Jefferson

Unlike the offensive variety of this award, there was a whole host of worthy recipients in amongst this group. Last year’s winner, Tyrann Mathieu, didn’t even come under consideration after a disappointing season from the Badger.

In 3rd place, with 15.8% of the vote…Chandler Jones

In joint-2nd place, with 23.2% of the vote…Calais Campbell AND Patrick Peterson

The winner of Defensive Player of the Year, with 28.4% of the vote…Markus Golden

Breakout Player AND Defensive player of the year? Been a good year for the former Missouri player and, given the year he had for the Cardinals, you can’t say it isn’t deserved. Superb year, hopefully, a sign of things to come in future years for him.

British Birdgang MVP 2016


  • Carson Palmer
  • David Johnson
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Calais Campbell
  • Tony Jefferson
  • Chandler Jones
  • Markus Golden
  • Patrick Peterson
  • St Albans’ Josh Mauro

Last year Carson Palmer won this with a lot of other nominees getting votes. This year, nothing of the sort. One-horse race from start to finish…

The winner of British Birdgang MVP 2016, with 93.7% of the vote…David Johnson

Two awards for DJ.
Two landslide victories for DJ.

Fuck the rest of the NFL for ignoring his greatness.

British Birdgang Awards 2016
Roll of Honour

Goat of the Season – Michael Floyd
Disappointment of the Year – Going 7-8-1 when Superbowl predicted
Match of the Year – Week 16 vs. Seattle
Best British-born Defensive Lineman of the Year – St Albans’ Josh Mauro
Play of the Year – Calais Campbell Fumble Recovery for a Touchdown
Veteran Player of the Year – Larry Fitzgerald
Defensive Rookie of the Year – Harlen Miller
Offensive Rookie of the Year – Evan Boehm
Breakout Player of the Year – Markus Golden
Best Off-Season Addition – Chandler Jones
Special Teams Player of the Year – Chandler Catanzaro
Offensive Player of the Year – David Johnson
Defensive Player of the Year – Markus Golden
British Birdgang MVP 2016 – David Johnson


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