About Us

Welcome to British Birdgang – a site dedicated to fans of the Arizona Cardinals based this side of the Atlantic. Are we the best? Well, we wouldn’t like to blow our own trumpets, but you’d probably struggle to find any other Arizona Cardinals fan clubs over here.

The site originally began as somewhere for me to publish content but, over time, the discovery of other Cardinals fans in the UK (and elsewhere) has seen it grow into something more.

With an active presence on Twitter to help communicate and publicise the latest blog posts and news on the team, I feel like the possibilities for the fan club are almost endless.

With the popularity of the NFL growing in the UK each and every day, in time I would hope for this to become one of the UK’s best fan groups – maybe not in terms of numbers (like UK Patriots or BritishEagles.co.uk) but in the respect that we have a great number of fans that attend ‘meet-ups’, participate in events and, one day, be part of our trips to Arizona to see the Cardinals play.

If you’re looking to join, sign up on the ‘Join Us’ page and introduce yourself over on Twitter (@BritishBirdgang) – we’ll be very happy to see another added to our flock.

Whilst you’re here, take a look around at the articles produced – like, leave a comment or share them at your will.



Name: Tom
Age: 28
Location: Staffordshire
Cardinals Fan Since: Beginning of 2008 season.