Arizona Cardinals 2018 Schedule

In the early hours of the morning, the NFL released the entire 2018 slate of games – who is on the Arizona Cardinals 2018 Schedule? When will we play them? Read on to find out.

Preseason Schedule

Who doesn’t love ridiculously early kickoffs for preseason where you can stay up to 5am to watch some rookie QB with zero chance of making the roster lighting up a defence consisting of guys with very little chance of making their roster.

With a pair of 3am kickoffs and a pair of 1am kickoffs – including one on primetime – who will the Arizona Cardinals be facing?

NOTE – All times/dates are UK┬átimes/dates. Because we’re awkward like that.

Week 1- 12/8/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Chargers – 3am
Week 2- 17/8/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints – 1am
Week 3- 27/8/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys – 1am – SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL
Week 4- 31/8/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos – 3am

Can’t wait for those, right?

Regular Season Schedule

The NFL has been generous for us BritishBirdgang this year; only a handful (4) early starts and just the 1 primetime game at this moment in time – with flexible scheduling, this could always change, but it’s a good schedule looking at it.

With a bye week in Week 9, slap bang in the middle of the season, it’s better than an early/late bye…so there’s that.

Who will the Cardinals be facing? When will they be facing them?

Here’s the list.

Week 1- 9/9/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Football Team – 9.25pm
Week 2- 16/9/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams – 9.05pm
Week 3- 23/9/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears – 9.25pm
Week 4- 30/9/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks – 9.05pm
Week 5- 7/10/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers – 9.25pm
Week 6- 14/10/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings – 6.00pm
Week 7- 19/10/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos – 1.20am – THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL
Week 8- 28/10/18- Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers – 8.25pm
Week 9 – BYE WEEK
Week 10- 11/11/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ Kansas City Chiefs – 6.00pm
Week 11- 18/11/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Oakland Raiders – 9.05pm
Week 12- 25/11/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Chargers – 9.05pm
Week 13- 2/12/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ Green Bay Packers – 6.00pm
Week 14- 9/12/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Detroit Lions – 9.25pm
Week 15- 16/12/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons – 6.00pm
Week 16- 23/12/18 – Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams – 9.05pm
Week 17- 30/12/18 – Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks – 9.25pm

It’s fair to say that the second half of that schedule is absolutely brutal – early trips to KC, ATL and a December date at Lambeau Field versus GB. Certain to define our season.

Alas, it is far too early to even begin to contemplate what record the franchise will get following the release of the Arizona Cardinals 2018 Schedule…but that won’t stop people.

Keep your eyes peeled for our game-by-game breakdown and prediction, I guess…

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