Arizona Cardinals #MockDraftMonday – 11/3

The NFL’s “Legal Tampering Period™” began today ahead of the start of the new league year on Wednesday. Moves that will no doubt affect what teams decide to do during the draft but, as of writing, the Arizona Cardinals haven’t came to any arrangements with any free agents – so let’s fire up the mock draft simulation and see what’s what this week.

We joined the #MockDraftMonday hype a couple of weeks ago and both previous editions have seen a different name at #1 overall – this week is no exception, so I guess I’d best get into this one then.

1.1 – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Sometimes you just have to embrace the chaos that the NFL media wants to bring up and that’s what we’re doing this week. Will Kyler Murray be the Number One Overall Pick? Unlikely. But there’s a possibility that it might happen…and, as much as I have been vocally against the move, it could be a franchise-changing decision (good, or bad, I don’t have the gift of seeing into the future so the only way of actually finding out would be if the Cardinals actually drafted him.)

Everyone’s seen the Kliff Kingsbury comments by now I’m sure. What if they weren’t just a complimentary comment to an opposing player? What if at that moment in time, the Cardinals had already known Wilks was a goner and they were set up to get the #1 pick in 2019? And that Kingsbury had already planned to get sacked by Texas Tech, hired by USC and then reneging on that deal for the Cardinals HC. It’s a slow-burner that’s taken time, but now it might be coming to fruition? Or maybe that’s all ridiculously far-fetched and imaginations have got too carried away?

Makes you think.

2.1 – Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

The Cardinals may not have tampered with anyone at this moment in time, but the news that they plan to release Jermaine Gresham once the new league year starts is something that leaked out via Adam Schefter. Great news, we all know how much of a liability he can be. But that does open up a spot on the offence and that’s where someone like Fant could come in and start day 1 and be an immediate contributor in Kliff Kingsbury’s offence.

3.1 – Andy Isabella, WR, UMass

If the Cardinals can’t get N’Keal Harry at 33, then I’m more than happy to see them open up the 3rd round of the 2019 NFL Draft with Andy Isabella. Give him the ball in open space and he could have an even bigger rookie season than Christian Kirk managed last year in the Worst Offence In League History.

4.1 – Amani Hooker, CB, Iowa

Peterson and Alford will be the starting cornerbacks, but who exists behind them? Brandon Williams? Erm, yeah, perhaps the depth could do with some fresh faces and players who can actually play football. Can Hooker?

5.1 – Daniel Wise, DL, Kansas

I guess this would be a wise decision?

6.1 – Evan Worthington, S, Colorado

I don’t know much about this guy, but his scouting report on ‘The Draft Network’ pegged him as a potential steal on Day 3 of the NFL Draft. So let’s go with that.

6.7 – Michael Jordan, OL, Ohio State

Enough said.

7.34 – Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

He was still there, so it made sense. Might be a pick you love…

7.35 – Shareef Miller, ED, Penn State


7.40 – Ryan Bates, OT, Penn State


Mr. Bates. Haha.

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