@TomNovell’s 2018 Arizona Cardinals Mock Draft

Another Mock Draft for the Arizona Cardinals as Tom Novell has a shot at predicting the 2018 NFL Draft class for the Cardinals. Who will he pick? 

Hello Birdgang!

Our glorious leader Tom asked me if I would like to write a mock draft, so I gave it some thought (all of about 5 minutes…) and decided I would give it a bash.

Now I’m going to, first of all, say that I am by no means a college football expert, but I did watch a lot of it over the last few years.

I’m sure you won’t all agree with these picks but this is purely what I would do based on the situation the Cardinals are currently in.

No trades involved.

Here we go…

Round 1 – Pick 15 – Mike McGlinchey – OT – Notre Dame


Hear me out people. Say hello to your franchise RT. I know we brought in Andre Smith this off-season, but he’s 31 and would we say he’s an upgrade over Veldheer? He was the 62nd ranked tackle last year per PFF.

McGlinchey would be an immediate upgrade in my opinion. He would shore up the right side for the next 8-10 years and with hopefully DJH being injury free on the Left, we have the O-Line looking much better.

Some say McGlinchey is a bit of a polarizing player in that some mocks have him as the No.1 tackle and some say he could drop in to round 2, but I say let’s take him here and not look back!

Round  2 – Pick 47 – Mason Rudolph – QB – Oklahoma State

It’s a miracle! The Arizona Cardinals have drafted a QB.

Drafting this kid will cause some arguments in this post I’m sure but I think drafting him here is a great decision.

Potential Franchise QB in round 2? Yes, you lose the 5th year option but I think this could be the steal of the draft.

Just watch some of his tapes from 2017 in college, he wasn’t always perfect no, but what I saw was a QB with the raw potential to be a star in this league.

Some will say that the Big 12 defences leave a lot to be desired but he can only beat what he’s put in front of.

Again, not everyone will agree with me on this pick but he can sit behind Glennon & Bradford for a year and gain valuable knowledge before ever stepping foot on the field.

Round 3 – Pick 79 – Frank Ragnow – C/G – Arkansas

If this guy is available here, take him.

Through college played a mixture of RG and C, but played the last 2 seasons as Centre.

He’s someone who wouldn’t necessarily come in and upgrade the O-Line straight away, but I believe this guy, could take over from AQ next year in 2019 and we would have a new C to QB connection for the next 10+ years. His tape is solid and he’s could certainly be plugged in at RG during year one as a depth option.

The obvious concern is he sat out most of his senior year due to injury, however before that it’s well worth noting that he played in 33 straight games injury free.

Surely another plus point to an already outstanding young lineman.

Round 3 – Pick 97 – Michael Gallup – WR – Colorado State

This kid can ball.

Firstly, his college numbers are fantastic, sometimes college numbers aren’t the best statistics to look at (because sometimes the competition can be few and far between) but this kid put up numbers against almost every team he faced last year.

His worst stat line came against Wyoming when he caught 4 passes for just 29 yards, his QB only completed 8 passes all game…not much of an indicator to what this kid can do.

One stat I love about him is that he didn’t drop a single football in the red zone in his senior year, a sturdy set of hands is something the Cardinals are desperate to find outside of Larry Legend and this could be our guy.

We’ve hit well in the 3rd round in the past, I think with these 2 picks we’ve just made for a very bright offence in the future

Round 4 – Pick 134 – P.J. Hall – DT – Sam Houston St.

This kid is a monster.

Played 3 years at DE and then switched to DT in his senior year to absolutely no detriment to his play whatsoever.

Watch his tape, at the end of almost every play this kid was standing in the backfield.

At 300+ lbs he runs a 4.78 40, and he could add a much-needed presence in the trenches, especially as we change to a 4-3 this coming season.

He blocked 14 kicks in college and his pro day numbers were astonishing, but there’s a reason he would drop this far in the draft.

The opposition he was up against the past 4 years goes some way to explain it.

He played in the FCS, so he was basically a monster in a small school, but as I said with Rudolph, you can only play what is put in front of you.

Take a flyer on him, give him some rotational reps with Nkemdiche, Gunter, Peters and Pierre.

If he’s as dominant in the NFL as he was in the FCS you’ve found a diamond in the rough.

Round 5 – Pick 152 – Kalen Ballage – RB – Arizona St.

A hometown hero!

Remember that time he scored 8 TD’s against Texas Tech?! I Do. Now I have my doubt he will fall this far because had a very good combine showing but we can always hope.

The RB room is looking a little empty after this off-season.

Cutting Peterson and letting Williams leave leaves us with DJ, TJ Logan and Maybe DJ Foster?

I think Ballage would be a solid RB2 to have, he’s big, can catch, and knows how to find the end zone. He also has some great numbers in the return game so he has potential to be a special team standout.

I like this pick and think he could add something to Arizona’s run game, especially with Wilks saying he wants to go more Run-Heavy this coming year.

Round 6 – Pick 182 – Siran Neal – S – Jacksonville St.

Okay, I’ve turned all Steve Keim here for a small school guy, but man does he look impressive.

Really productive at Jacksonville St. He even made the senior bowl, which is fairly impressive for an FCS kid.

Safety is a need position for us; outside of Bethea, Baker and Rudy Ford we don’t have much depth and I think this guy fits the bill.

The other good news is, he played his senior year at CB. He may not be the answer to our CB problems but he proved he can play at CB at a reasonably high level so he could give us depth at 2 positions and he can play special teams. 4

A good all-round package this late on in the draft.

Round 7 – Pick 254 – Eddy Piniero – K – Florida

I have doubts that this pick could happen, probably the best kicker in college last year, 17 of 18 and kicks over 50 yards with ease.

Bringing him in would release $3m tied up in Dawson, who although improved as the season went on, at 43 years old his legs are starting to go, and sometimes winning a game is a matter of 2/3 yards and how far your kicker is confident from.

With Piniero back there, I don’t think the Cardinals would have any problems trying a kick at the 40-yard line.

Want to see how big this kids leg is…check out his 77-yard field goal on the practice field.



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