Write For Us

Got something you want to get off of your chest regarding the Arizona Cardinals?

Well, good news – you can now use British Birdgang as a means of getting your views across!

Whether it’s a short opinion piece or a long feature, anything is welcome on our website – and the beauty of it is that you can write when you want and how often you want. There’s no limit; if you want to contribute once a month you can – if you want to write twice a week, you can do that as well.

Writing for the site couldn’t be simpler – if you’re interested, please contact us via Twitter and we will be able to set up a ‘Contributor’ account on here (you’ll also need to sign up for a WordPress.com account) once we have an email address for you.

Once that is set up, you are free to write your article on the site. Once done, you simply submit it and I will then get round to proof-reading it and checking it before it is published on the blog.

There is only one rule – it HAS to be your own work! Please don’t go plagiarising content from other websites. Aside from that there’s no other rules – you can write about whatever you want. Well it has to be Cardinals related. Obviously.

At the moment there’s no form of financial benefit for the articles – but, in time as the site grows, who knows where it could lead.

Any questions – feel free to contact me on Twitter @BritishBirdgang¬†and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.